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Final Fantasy II is the second installment in the Final Fantasy series, developed and published by Squaresoft. It was released in December 1988 for the Family Computer exclusively in Japan, but was later re-released worldwide for the… This track was one of my proudest achivements at the time. I love Nobuo Uematsu and his Final Fantasy soundtracks, and the Decisive Battle from Final FantasyMusikspiele im Überblick - Netzwelt die Bühne wie ein Star. Musikspiele für PC und Konsole bieten alle eine enorme Auswahl an Songs der verschiedensten Interpreten und können einen ganz schön ins Schwitzen bringen, etwa beim inbrünstigen Karaoke-Singen oder beim Tanzen… Final Fantasy XIV (14) community, guides, media, and much more to feed your Ffxiv addiction Final Fantasy XIII is the thirteenth main installment in the Final Fantasy series and the flagship title of the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy sub-series, developed and published by Square Enix. Final Fantasy: World Wide Words is a Japanese mobile educational game developed and published by Square Enix for iOS and Android devices. Final Fantasy II[a] is a fantasy role-playing video game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) in 1988 for the Family Computer as the second installment of the Final Fantasy series. is a Japanese video game development and publishing company formed from the merger on April 1, 2003 of video game developer Square and publisher Enix. The company is best known for its role-playing video game franchises, which include the…

indieszero Corporation, Ltd. (Japanese: 有限会社インディーズゼロ) is a video game development company headquartered in Musashino, Tokyo, Japan.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 ( ファイナルファンタジーXIII-2 , Fainaru Fantajī Sātīn Tsū) is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (Japanese: ファイナルファンタジータクティクス 獅子戦争, Hepburn: Fainaru Fantajī Takutikusu Shishi Sensō) is a tactical role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation… The game is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2, concludes the storyline of Final Fantasy XIII, and forms part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries. Lightning Returns employs a highly revamped version of the gameplay system from the… Pocket Gamer reports that two new free-to-play Final Fantasy games from Square Enix have sneaked their way onto the App Store in Japan - Final Fantasy Once more players control characters from the different Final Fantasy worlds and must navigate the world by successfully beating iconic songs from the Final Fantasy franchise. Final Fantasy Agito (Japanese: ファイナルファンタジーアギト, Hepburn: Fainaru Fantajī Agito) is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix for mobile devices.

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